Declaration of the former land elders of Wielkopolska

Joachim Smol, Mendel Herc, former land elders of Great Poland [Wielkopolska] and Marek Józefowicz, land scribe, manifest that they were ready to carry out the sentence of Rafał Leszczyński, the Kalisz voivode, between the former land elders and the current land elders of Wielkopolska and the elders of Kalisz and Leszno, and to carry out (by their commissioners) settlement of accounts (calculation ) in Kobylin, but the other party did not want to do it.

Archive: The State Archive in Poznan (APP)
Fond: Kalisz castle court files (Księgi grodzkie kaliskie)
Reference Number: APP, Kaliskie Gr. 298, s. 621r
Language: Latin
Creation Date: 17.03.1687
Place of origin: Kalisz
Geographical names: Kalisz, Kobylin, Leszno